A vision for the Agency

It’s a far cry from science, but my other big interest is organisational development. This is why I was asked to lead on developing a vision statement for the Agency.

It’s been developed with help from colleagues across the organisation, and our Board members were updated on how we’re getting on at their open meeting in London earlier this month. You can follow the debate on our webcast or podcast.

I’m glad the draft vision was debated in open session because even though the view was that the staff should ‘own’ it, the non-executive naturally need reassurance that our vision, values and principles resonate with them.

I was asked about how the ‘consumer choice’ and diversity agendas would be addressed, how science would be covered (naturally I was delighted that this was picked up) and about our strapline ‘Safe Food and Healthy Eating for All’, currently our website banner.

Plenty to think about here, and I’ll be using the blog to update you on progress. You, of course, can post your comments in the meantime.