In Helsinki

I’ve spent the past two days in Finland, meeting other national food agencies in Europe, the European Commission and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) to exchange ideas and information on current food safety and nutritional issues.

In the UK we’re fortunate to have a well-developed network of scientific advisory committees, which provide us with independent expert advice on a range of food issues.  Other Member States aren’t in such a fortunate position, so we discussed a draft EFSA strategy on Co-operation and Networking on Scientific Issues with other EU Member States.

The aim is that all food risk assessments across the EU will be carried out to the same high standards, which will help the process of restoring public confidence in how food safety is managed within the EU.  After all, food safety issues don’t recognise national borders, so it is important for us in the UK to work together with colleagues in other countries.  Any comments? Post them on the blog.

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