Investing in the future

When I got my first job as a Government scientist I felt there was a kind of glass ceiling and you didn’t often see many scientists in senior positions. I’m pleased that’s not the case at the Agency, and I hope that’s due in part to the efforts we make to attract bright science graduates. It’s good to see some of the people who joined us in 2005 rewarded with greater responsibilities and promotions. Early in 2007 we should be seeing other new starters who were recruited as part of an assessment centre we held a few weeks back. Some of my colleagues describe their work on our website, and you can now get email alerts for Agency jobs. We’re currently offering three doctoral or research scholarships to help train the next generation of scientists in areas relevant to our future needs. Applications are invited from academic or research institutes in the areas of food allergy and intolerance, and ‘omics’ (transcriptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics) in food safety. Any comments on the role of science in Government? Post them on the blog.